FIX LEAKING SHOWERS – Resealing Repairs In Canberra

Fixing leaking showers is an art form. We are proud to recommend our Fix Leaking Shower service in Canberra as a quality and reliable service to you, and we guarantee our work! Have you got any issues with excessive mould and mildew build up in your shower? Do you have any water escaping the shower recess or even mould and damp or wood rot showing outside the shower or on the back of the shower wall?


What Causes A Leaking Shower?

If any of the above are true then chances are you have a leaking shower and it needs to be tended to as soon as possible. In many cases we can fix a leaking shower by resealing it, without having to retile. The longer a leaking shower is left, the further the damage can spread into your wall timbers, door architraves and surrounding areas, costing you more and more to fix.


fix leaking shower baseAnother cause for concern with excessive mould build up in your bathroom is that even though you may not have a leaking shower, if this excess moisture is left it can place additional strain on your structural and waterproofing integrity, resulting in leaking.


Excessive mould build up is typically caused by a lack of adequate ventilation in the bathroom, therefore it is recommended you have a ceiling fan running and an open window. Also if you have a tastic, leave it switched on after your shower and leave the bathroom door and window open for at least an hour afterwards.


Use Someone You Can Trust

Many shower repairers don’t always understand the dynamics of water flow and what products are best used for leaking repairs. We have experienced many job calls where the product used previously was incorrect for the specifications or was unsuitable for the job.

There have been many showers that we fixed which were previously repaired using epoxy sealant in the corner joints. We don’t believe this is the right way to fix leaking showers as epoxy sealant is not pliable and will crack with the slightest movement of the surfaces.

resealed shower cell


As well as fixing leaking showers in Canberra, we can also retile leaking showers. Sometimes your tiles may be loose, drummy or cracked, allowing water to penetrate below the surface. In this case a retile job is required.

Our unique formula for fixing leaking showers provides for movement in the floor junctions between 1 and 3 millimetres and gives constant durability to your bathroom wet areas.