Canberra Leaking Shower Repairs

water damaged wall near showerIf the corners outside your shower look anything like THIS then you need to get a leaking shower repair straight away!

Because once the timbers and wall board start to rot, then the damage can spread very quickly, costing you a lot of money – Just remember too, your house insurance may NOT cover you if your waterproofing has failed as the insurers deem this to be fair wear and tare on a house!

We see this time after time. If you discover the problem soon enough then in a lot of cases we can actually reseal the shower without having to retile, and this leaking shower repair can last for years, depending on the circumstances of the fix, or the integrity of your existing tiling.


leaking shower repaired resealedThe process for leaking shower repairs includes an assessment of your area to see what kind of treatment is best applied. If a shower resealing job is required, the best approach is removing silicon sealant or grout from the internal wall to wall and floor to wall junctions using a heat gun and scraper.

Next, we clean the corner joints and prepare the surfaces for a polyurethane sealant injection which protects your shower corners from water penetration with a long lasting seal.

We have seen some showers in appalling condition – We’ve seen it all! So don’t be embarrassed to give us a call because we can definitely help you.

Our leaking shower repairs can cover anything from re-tiling the shower base, applying a nonslip coating to the floor tiles and resealing the shower corners and shower screen.


Warning to customers:

Many other leaking shower repairers in this industry have known to carry out the service without first checking to see if the taps weren’t leaking or some other problem was the culprit. Many times we have been called to a leaking shower and requested to carry out a shower resealing service only to find beforehand that the shower head was leaking into the wall cavity, or the shower plumbing behind the wall was leaking.

We check for these issues first and let you know to the best of our knowledge if this is the case, and in many cases we can fix this problem before carrying out the resealing service.

Our leaking shower repair job is warranted in most cases for a minimum of 12 months from the time of the service. We also recommend you have the bathroom clear of loose items and the shower must be clean and dry before we commence the work.

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