Canberra Shower Resealing

When shower resealing is done it’s important to take note of the important factors which have led to the cause of the shower leak in the first place. A common mistake that’s made with shower resealing is where the tiles are already loose, drummy or cracked and the shower really needs re-tiling. We can give an appraisal of your shower area and let you know the most probable cause of your shower leak and if your shower needs a retile or a shower resealing service.

woman having shower after resealingWhen you’re having that relaxing quiet moment of bliss in the shower, the last thing you want to be worrying about is if your shower is leaking through the wall! You want peace of mind so you can relax, enjoy the ambience and feel good!

Your home is your most valuable asset, so protecting it will be an investment in the future longevity of your home.

Maintenance in the wet areas is a large part of home maintenance that many times gets ignored but should be kept up on a regular basis. Shower resealing is a necessary part of your bathroom maintenance particularly if your home is older and in need of more attention.

We have many satisfied clients in Canberra and here are some of our jobs:

Shower base resealing job


This bathroom in Waniassa was in need of much attention so it got a new shower screen and resealing job. We guaranteed this job for 4 years – That was 5 years ago and the customers are still happy!

resealing job in kaleen


Kaleen: The main shower was altered – We retiled this one too.

In many cases we can do shower resealing without having to retile it. This is the best option if your tiles are in good condition still and are not cracked, drummy or loose, and the existing grout around your tiles is not cracked or missing. The service typically takes around 2-3 hours and we advise you to remove any loose items in the bathroom like shampoo bottles, soap, tooth brushes etc. so dust won’t collect on your things.

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