Canberra Tile Non-Slip Treatments

With our extensive knowledge of tile nonslip treatments we are confidently able to recommend our tile anti-slip treatment as the best in the industry. We know that certain tiles have a polished glaze on them which can be a slip hazard particularly for elderly people.


non slip shower treatment

We can cater for tile nonslip treatments for disabled, elderly and any other people that want to remove the hazard of falling in the bathroom.

We have previously done services for nursing homes, retirement villages, aged care facilities and disability care houses.

In order to remove slip hazards we firstly remove the polished glaze from your floor tile then we treat it with a silica sand embedded laquer which provides maximum grip for your feet. No longer will you have to worry about slip hazards in the bathroom after our tile nonslip service is applied to your floor tiles. We even guarantee our non slip coatings for 5 years from the date of service.

Our tile nonslip treatment requires around 3 hours to do and we ask you not to use your shower for 24 hours after the service so that our products can cure properly.

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