Canberra Tile Regrouting

Tile grout removing and regroutingDo you have mouldy, tired or worn out looking tile joints in your shower or bath area? In many cases if you decide to get this service done soon enough, we can easily and effectively remove this grout and do tile regrouting to your shower or wet areas, making them look like new again.

With our shower tile regrouting service, your shower will benefit from a new makeover, providing a lift to durability and aesthetics which will compliment your bathroom appeal, integrity and value. This can be a much less expensive option than re-tiling your shower.


tile regroutingFresh grout in your shower tile joints will serve to protect and shield your shower against the penetration of water into the walls and provide long lasting durability well into the future.

Have you got holes in your grout or grout missing? It can be a sign of cheap, poor quality grout where companies use a lot of sand as filler.

We use only mould and fungal resistant epoxy grout of the very best quality. We stand by our products used which carry a 10 year guarantee to ensure your shower can stand the excess moisture for the long term. This will ensure maximum protection to your shower against leakage into the future.

A tile regrouting job usually takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours depending on the area required and the condition of your existing wall grout. We can also colour match your tile grout to fit in with the existing style of your bathroom, making repairs seamless and unnoticeable.

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